• Date
    1 settembre 2014
  • Galleria

For three years I have taken the same tram (n.3) every day photographing with an Iphone the human river that flowed on my skin. In this stream there is no definition, or social categories. Everything slips away. Everything is forgotten and becomes rarefied enough to just leave the impression, the face, that takes care to show the essential. That's all we need to know. People, such as water, may take the shape of the container. For this reason, sometimes in certain places their change can not be controlled, nor documented. With my iphone I just wanted to close the gap between me and the others. This work does not pretend to tell a story. It's only a trace of everyday life and of the people, that we forget every day. A kind of personal diary that reminds me how many times I have been in the eye of another without realizing it.