The Apartment

  • Date
    1 maggio 2013
  • Galleria

A few weeks after I graduated, I get evicted from my house. I find hospitality, in the apartment of three very dear friends and colleagues. For an unexplained set of circumstances, during my month's stay we never left the apartment. After all this time it is difficult to explain why we were locked in the house all the time. Each of us had finished their studies, each of us would face shortly thereafter a professional learning process in their respective areas of expertise: Gino Palummo in directing, Nunzio De Luca in acting, Giuseppe Chessa in the direction of photography and I in photojournalism. That month saw us slipping unconsciously into a sort of limbo of music, film, poetry, photography, drugs, alcohol. A sort of rite of passage to adulthood, to the work we wanted to do. The attempt to put into words the emotions of those days only leaves the memory of a quiet melancholy, of a creative leisure and a search of himself that today is still far from over. For each of us. In addition to my reportage, it was produced a narrative short film called "The Circle" directed by Gino Palummo.